Kamau Wanguhu

Director at VMware

Kamau is a Director at VMware as a member of the Customer Success group. Kamau has consulted on Virtualization since the early part of 2004, and been involved in delivery of consulting services on practically all VMware products and services. Kamau’s focus at VMware is in Cloud Architecture and virtual networking futures. Kamau has worked in the technology arena since 1994 mainly in doing infrastructure architecture work for high transaction systems in the Gambling, Internet, Manufacturing, and the Financial industries to name a few.

Kamau is a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX #003) and was involved in a number of VCDX defenses at the beginning of the program. Kamau has also presented and been involved in all VMworlds, some Technical Solution eXchanges, and Partner Exchanges around the world, either in the labs, presenting, or both.

You can follow Kamau on his blog at http://www.borgcube.com/blogs, or on tweeter @Borgcube_

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