Virtualize Africa Learning Community

A community enabling Africans to virtualize Africa the next generation of African technology leaders.

The Virtualize Africa Learning Community is a network of people technologists and tech enthusiasts across Africa dedicated to learning cloud computing, virtualization, and related fields. The VALC facilitates your learning through the aid of guided mentorship from experts and community ambassadors.

Learn Virtualization Cloud and  Computing

Businesses use virtualization to build large clouds to serve millions of people but virtualization isn’t just for sysadmins. Virtualization can be a powerful tool for anyone from public clouds to personal computers. You can use virtualization to run multiple operating systems on a single computer or backup your computer as a virtual machine. NDG has partnered with the VMware IT Academy to help learners study cloud and virtualization.

Teach Virtualization Cloud and  Computing

Need labs for your learners? NDG partners with the VMware IT Academy to help schools teach cloud and virtualization labs.